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Republicans Aren't Going To Like An Obama/Trump Stock Market Comparison....

I just did a quick analysis on Yahoo Finance on how the S&P 500 performed between inauguration day through February 5th of their second year in office for Presidents Obama and Trump. The results are pretty startling and blow holes through Trump's self-promoting tweets about how the stock market is doing so much better under his watch.
On 1/20/2009 (Obama inauguration day) the S&P was at 805.22. On 2/5/2010 the S&P closed at 1066.19. That's an increase of 260.97 points for a total return of an impressive 32.41%.
On 1/20/17 (trump's inauguration day) the S&P closed at 2271. On 2/5/18 (today) the S&P 500 closed at 2649. That's an increase of 378 points for a respectable total return of 16.64% but nearly 50% less than Obama's first 380 days in office!
Obviously the Obama and Trump administrations had (and have) their own unique set of challenges at home and abroad. How things play out in the coming months is anyone's guess. However, it's unfair for Republicans to constantly vilify Obama on all matters economic and paint Donald Trump as some sort of brilliant businessman (we all know he's a slum lord from Queens) because the facts don't back it up!

Posted: 02/05/2018 at 11:59PM


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