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We have new gardeners...best thing ever to happen!..

I know I complained about the guys we had, they were nice, trustworthy, polite, etc., but the work just went down hill. The owner was never here. We think he may have got a job and let his son and brother take over the route. The brother loved us and would work by himself for hours but the son started to run him and wouldn't let him do half of what he used to. We even gave them raises on our own and that seemed to make it worse. So, one day they took off, just left with stuff undone and no explanation. They wouldn't return calls, heard from our neighbor that also used them that there was some death in the family, which of course is possible, but they never told us and we think it was a lie. We used our other neighbors gardener for two weeks, he used to work for us too but the job was too big for him but he helped us out. Finally got a referral to "Frankie" and his helper. Young guys. They are doing a fantastic job! So helpful. Our yard looks so much neater and cleaner and we are paying $150 instead of $190 a month. Meanwhile the old crew is still doing our neighbors yard. And we know he doesn't pay anything what we paid and they are out good customers who never stiffed them and gave them holiday tips.

I'm talking so much about our gardeners so I don't think about the duo shower. lol...

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