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A sad and quick reply

This has nothing to do with Donald J Dunce, but socially we are on a downward spiral. The examples:
1. The quality of "happy hour" is rapidly deteriorating.
2. A couple of days ago a neighbor called ank asked if we wanted to go to dinner with them. We said fine. They said they'd pick us up in a half hour to make the "senior seating" (yes, it's coming to this, though I'll fight to the end). To save time we showered together. Awg. WTH! Haven't been this freightened since Halloween I. (Unfortunaltly she felt the same way!)
3. Economics - have ya seen the price of good scotch? But I won't reduce my self to "Old Peat Moss" or some such offering. Instead I'l reduce some non essentials in my life, such as soap, ties and my gardner.
4. When did going 75mph should only be legal on a oval track
5. Getting back to #3 - forget what I said about a gardner. Good one's are keepers, economy be damned!!
Glad your family is coming to visit. Be good for ya. Go ahead and overdo, just not too much.
Take care - Ed

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