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We sound about the same on most issues.

Have I stumbled upon another moderate? (I actually hate that term, let's say centrest or realist!) Don't quite know how to state it, but I guess I'm not conservative about most (but not all) social issues. Example - we have REAL problems confronting the nation and the world. Gay marriage, that is two people in love, doesn't even register on my "what the hell o'meter". Where as a little sanity on gun issues would be welcomed. Also, I'm tired, really tired, of these Continuing Budget Resolutions. Please sit down and get us a Real Budget for a change. Shouldn't be that difficult. Seems we need X amount of money to run the gov't. If we have to much, give it back (I never said keep the change) if we have too little make cuts or raise taxes. Novel idea!! Be well - there are so few of us!!

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Posted: 02/03/2018 at 5:21PM


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