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A couple of simple responses

1. The Russian investigation by the FBI preceded the dossier.

2. Republicans were the first to pay for the dossier - not the Dems

3. By the time Steele come,teed his investigation he was enormously concerned about what he had seen and heard. If someone is investigating something. And learns there is sbout to be a murder, when he tells the police we have a real problem here - that does not equate to being biased. It equates to reaching rational conclusions from reasoned investigation.

4. Many many warrants are based on affidavits and statements from people that gave an ax to grind. An angry wife may turn her husband in, and present testimony to authorities, for theft. A drug user may turn in a drug dealing to cover his own ass. The daft that a witness may be biased or conflicted simply does not mean a warrant can not issue. Such a rule would stop many a valid and needed investigation.

5. FISA warrant applications go through an incredibly complex and detailed processs, involving many sets of approvals. The applucations are extensive - in this case the rumor is the application is as long as 50 pages. Those Dems in the know say the claim that the warrants sole or principal support came from the dossier is a bald faced lie.

6. What we are witnessing is nothing short of a conspiracy on the part of Republicans to interfere with this investigation. Look at the radical difference to what happened during the Obama administration. five minutes on the Tarmac leads to objections, and to an immediate refusal of the Justice Department. After that, you simply did not hear Obama attacking the FBI or firing its principals. If Obama had in any way interfered with the investigation, you and your ilk would have burned down the nation. The difference in how people like you think of norms and decency is startling and dusgusting. Power, according to people like you, now means the right and orive left to discard norms and rules that stand in the way of what you want. So today it us oerfectly fine for politicians to insert themselves into the FBI, when a mere 18 months you would have rioted.

6. An independent Artlcle III judge reviewed the application and granted that warrant. That is how the law works. So - your ilk are attacking not only the prosecutors but any court that stands in the way of the absolute power you crave and demand.

7. There us something very very wrong with a Republican congress that can somehow manage to hold six separate Beghaxi investigations, but cannot let this one single investigation come to its fruition. What the hell are you afraid of? If Trump find nothing with the Russians, and is not compromised by the Russians, and has not obstructed justice, there is not a damned thing to worry about. Thus interference telks me that a lot of people believe there us something really bad going on in the White House. Let's find out. And quit interfering with federal investigations. And start insisting the the President gollow the law of the land, and stop this interference with the operation of the legal system.. It is unprecedented, and it is wrong, and it id tearing this county apart.

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Posted: 02/03/2018 at 3:07PM


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