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A couple of points...

I think Comey should have been fired. His firing did not obstruct justice. The FBI has been given every opportunity to seek justice. If anyone in this whole situation swayed the election, it was Jim Comey. According to Holman Jenkins in a recent WSJ Op-Ed, Jim Comey may have allowed fake Russian intelligence regarding Loretta Lynch to sway his opinion of the state of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation. If that's true, shouldn't that be a fireable offense for an FBI Director?

I can't answer to the state of the conservative movement to a Reagan Republican but I can chime in regarding the divide between Trump supporters and the more traditional Republican party members from my perspective. Trump wins, Republicans can't get out of their own way. Prior to Trump, the party was left for dead, death by demographics. And Trump instantly changed all of that. Overnight. Republicans complained about Obamacare for seven years and then failed to produce a palatable alternative, Trump is forcing one. Republicans supported a candidate who invented the individual mandate in 2012, or at least owned that during the debates, and the true around and fail to support the man who eventually got it killed. Answering the question of how did the Republican party get here also demands recognition of a broader revolution - from Brexit to Trump to Bernie to Arab Spring, etc. People in this country have never enjoyed a higher standard of living and yet revolted in the polls. I'm included in that camp. I didn't want a President's wife to win, I wanted the real estate developer because I honestly believe that the country will be better off for it. The entire political class is being forced to redefine themselves and voters are having this exact conversation which is, what is a republican and what is a democrat. My mom is a long time civil rights Democrat who doesn't believe the Democrats support those values anymore.

Trump is not perfect. I don't particularly like what I hear regarding trade with China and I flip-flop on nafta but I also appreciate his position which is to push on all of the traditionally accepted norms as a way of allowing for the possibility of change. Thats what he was doing when having a discussion about merit based immigration. That's a great conversation that Dick Durbin and CNN destroyed.

Look, Trump got taxes cut and in all probability had this real estate developer not come along, taxes would have been increasingly perverted. That's a big issue with me. I didn't see it as a mandate on racism or nationalism. I live in a state where Trump won and the governor who passed the infamous "bathroom bill" lost. Racists or hate mongers didn't flood the polls, tax cutters did. People who simply don't believe that Washington can be fixed just don't want more of their money going in that direction. And they hate the media. And they also love the fact that Trump calls it like he sees it and shoves it in the face of those who pretend to be offended. That won't hurt anybody. It's good for them. Everyone will be fine.

Out of curiosity, what is your position on supply side economics? I'm sure you are aware but we are delving into a un-provable subject. But I'm interested in your thoughts.

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Posted: 01/17/2018 at 3:48PM


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