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It's not about Roper. It's about MM.

Guilt by association. IMO, some people on here have reasonable criticisms of MM, many of which I don't agree with, some of which I do. On the other hand, much of the criticism is irrational and personal, again IMO. Take a look at the reaction to Chiv's hiring. He had virtually no P5 experience, and some people on here acted like he was the 2nd coming. And for all the bitching about Adams, did Chiv deserve a promotion after the WR play this year? Ahh, but Adams is an "MM guy". Along comes Roper, and he's on the $h!tlist before he even starts.

"He's another MM JV hire. But you can change my mind if you answer these questions. I have a list. I'm analytical, but you're just pulling opinions out of your ass. Why did he get fired from his previous job? Who has he developed (Manning doesn't count)? Who has he recruited? Blah blah blah".

We all know there are no satisfying answers to those questions.

Watch for this one next year. If Montez has a great year, which I think he will, Chiv will get all the credit. Good for Chiv. He'll likely deserve much of it. But Roper will be forgotten. However, if Montez struggles, this board will turn into a season of Three's Company.

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