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$3.5 Million Lawsuit

Tumpkin's accuser has hired lawyers who are filing a $3.5M lawsuit against CU.

This makes me sick on multiple accounts, way beyond being a fan of CU football. Obviously I view this as a frivolous lawsuit. I hope CU doesn't cave and settle this, let it go to court and kick some ass, then counter sue. Could a jury possibly be so ignorant as to hold CU liable for private domestic violence by an employee? It should be immaterial that he remained an employee after it was first reported as news, nothing had yet been filed with the police or in court. After a police report was finally filed CU quickly placed him on administrative leave and when a court appearance was announced, implying that there was enough evidence to proceed, they fired him. Yes, CU waited until there was a domestic charge filed with the police before placing him on administrative leave. And after a preliminary investigation leading to a court appearance they fired him. The only potential failure by CU was not putting him on administrative leave when the allegations first surfaced. Is that worthy of a $3.5M lawsuit? If CU fires either McIntyre, George or DiStanfano now they might as well go ahead and pay up the $3.5M because they are admitting guilt. We'll know on Monday what stance the CU regents take and just how guilty they believe MM, RG and Di are. Firing implications could range from dereliction of job responsibilities to an outright attempt to cover up the allegations. The latter seems implausible as the allegations surfaced through the news media and any cover up would subsequently not be feasible. The lawsuit is alleging a cover up.

Given CU's past handling of sensational accusations, I will not be surprised to see at least one of them fired and the remainder censured in some way, thus leading to a subsequent settlement of the lawsuit by CU.

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