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Who is responsible for this situation?

" he's mired in another fake scandal created by a gold-digger, a shyster lawyer, wannabe politicians and has-been editorial writers."

Everyone is responsible, EXCEPT for the abuser? Am I reading this correctly? You have 5 approval ratings from people who agree w/ you that everyone is responsible EXCEPT for the abuser?

I read this board every day, and I have never read any message that said, "If in fact, Tumpkin beat her up, he shouldn't have done that, because 1) it's morally wrong and 2) it created real problems for MM and the football program.

Wouldn't it saved a lot of trouble for MM and the entire program if Tumpkin had never beaten her??

I have never read anyone here express anything but deepest sympathy for Tumpkin. If he's innocent, then why is he charged with two felony counts of assault? Is it just "racist police"????
Is there some reason in your mind why he is not responsible for his actions? I've never read anyone here who believed that.
Could you explain that??? -- B4E

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Posted: 06/07/2017 at 01:31AM


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