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Please explain your argument

What about the article is sensationalism?

There is a rhythm in life that is difficult to conceive. I don't frequent the football board on Netbuffs, as though I am a buff fan, I despise the economic cabal that is operating to permanently keep other programs from ever getting to the top. I view the exploitation of players who risk everything to play the game as furthering this immoral monopoly.

Irish knows where I stand on this, and while in my view he is an ardent defender of this situation, I consider him a good man and appreciated the link.

The weird thing about this morning - I came to this board this morning for the first time in quite a while to catch up on recruiting news and in fact to post support for the program.

Irish knows me well enough to know that many of my posts on this football board are direct or indirect attacks on the mess that college football now is. Anyway - today was going to be nothing but a team building positive post.

And low and behold - a link to an article that summarizes all that is wrong with the game. The disparities in football - between players and coaches economically, between Players and students academically, between P5 schools and all the rest financially - are simply immoral.

Think about North Carolina. It is a pigsty of academic fraud. There is no basis for this investigation to take this long. It is being extended month after month after month so that by the time sanctions are imposed, UNC and the NCAA will both cite UNCs termination of these practices as a basis to do essentially nothing. We will talk all about how wrong it is to punish those not involved, an argument that invariably protects institutions from their own violations.

Give a kid a few extra bucks - buy his parents a lunch - and sanctions are very fast to come. But when an institution - whether it be Penn State or Nirth Carolina- has problems that don't involve getting a few extra bucks to kids - nothing that is at all in proportion to the wrong is done.

Fixing this is anthena to those now ensconced in power. But it could be fixed.

Thanks for the post Irish.

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