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I realized it in the first 50 pages...

I kept read and hoping there would be a kumbaya moment where the country would come together.

It's not just the violence between the right and left in the book and reality. In fact, in the book Obama is killed by one of his own advisors who is a radical Muslim. The problem is the huge and uncompromising chasm that is making compromise impossible. Look at cswilliam's response above. He puts ALL of the blame on the right. I see posts going back weeks that clearly put any blame for Obama's failures on the right. Does HE ever get the blame for his failures like a good leader is willing to do?? What about all those "leaders" in Congress? When do they start acting like LEADERS and come together...right AND left. Instead, the gap on almost every issue is just getting wider and wider. Tthe refugee issue is a prime example. We have lefties who want open borders (and pathetically point to the Statue of Liberty) and righties who want totally closed borders. Is it REALLY that hard to come up with a reasonable, effective solution?? No, of course not. But it's easier for our "leaders" to do nothing and blame the other side for the complete failure of government.

It's all bullshit and almost everyone on this board is falling for it by choosing a side and totally closing their eyes and ears to what is really going on.

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Posted: 10/22/2016 at 3:27PM


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