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Re: This is where we're at in America

I agree, and I don't think that being ideologically polarized serves any purpose or any group of people. I think that leads to war and bloodshed, as we saw in the Civil War. Books that promote bloodshed may be best-sellers, as readers like a lot of dramatic action, but it IS disrespectful to the office of the President ( no matter who is in office), and it really serves no purpose.
I think that "some" people on both sides are involved in the hatred and divisiveness, but that is not the majority of people. I think that much of the polarization is stirred up by the media, who knows that dramatic conflict will generate ratings. I saw the advertisements that CNN ran, advertising the third debate, and I thought I was watching an ad for WWE wrestling. There was a lot of pounding of drums, loud sound effects, and an announcer shouting, "One last time ! It's Clinton against Trump! Don't miss this showdown !" ( More drums pounding). Good grief. It's a debate, not a cage match. -- B4E

P.S. I was watching Rachael Maddow just now, and there was a clip of Joe Biden shouting that he wanted to take Donald Trump "behind the gym." This reminds me of Trump telling his audience to physically go after protestors.
Maddow's comment : " An apology will be forthcoming, perhaps."
I hope so -- I despise hearing any politician advocate beating up others - ( even if it's in a comical context).

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