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A couple of weeks ago, I stated the black pastor

Should ask Trump:

For years you have told Americans you doubted that President Obama was born in the United States. Black Amrrica was deeply offended by these statements. Are you now willing to state that President Obama was born in the United States of America and is the legitimate President of this nation?

I have forever felt that Trump should have to answer for his divisive crap. In what led to our falling out on this board, Sam Spade both attacked the relevance of the question and completely refused to answer any questions I posed to him. He simply stated I was being trite and the question did not matter.

Well it finally happened, and Trump responded in the worst possible way, heaping lies to explain his playing of he race card, at his hotel, which was rented with other people's money from his campaign, where he advertised and tried to take the cameramen, but not the press, on a tour. In one short thirty minutes he demonstrated the self serving, lying manipulative thug that he is.

And from the firestorm that ensued, we learned that birtherism is in fact a fundamentally important issue to African Americans and millions of others.

So I am linking to the conversation with Sam Spade on this. Changing the subject, refusing to answer questions, and belittling the questioners are the tactics he displayed in this exchange. Inherent in the exchange was the notion that lying and contempt for the questioner are ok. It was all so Trumpian in nature.

I hope that yesterday's firestorm engulfs Donald Trump. It most certainly should. Mr. Spade is wrong. The question is not trite - it is essential. And Mr. Trump owes the nation two things. A long detailed apology explaining that he was wrong to have built his campaign by playing the race card and his immediadite withdrawal from the race to stop the bleeding he has created.

As for Mr. Spade, I continue my personal boycott of him. I see some decent posts by him, and that is a good thing. Unlike Mr. trump, Mr. Spade does have redeeming qualities.

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Link: My question on birtherism was trite.

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