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And, outside the realm of the emails and the server,

which two PROMINENT Repubs (Gates and Powell) said wasn't a huge deal, people like the Faux news ex-"advisor" I have listened to, and I'm not new to this issue

You should remember that I have been both a GW Bush and a Bernie supporter. I think they are both basically honest, and consistent. I was NOT a Hillary supporter, I have had my doubts, and I still do, but NOT because the crazy shit thrown at her from the right

Bill CLinton, GW Bush and Barack Obama all caved in to the big money in DC. GHW Bush did NOT get reelected because he didn't follow the big money edict of "no new taxes, read my lips"

The Bush tax cuts, which instead of PAYING for a very expensive war, REDUCED REVENUE!!

Obama EXTENDED the Bush Tax cuts past the sunset because he caved on the no budget no money to run the government, no unemployment money at christmas 2010 with 15% unemployment, a design to crack his will. Held Hostage, extortion, whatever YOU want to call it. He caved. That is the one decision that I think he should have held his ground. Enough is enough.

Why should I BELEIVE ANYTHING I hear from the big money in america?

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Posted: 07/30/2016 at 2:05PM


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