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OK, so DJ DUMBASS Trump just said that we should not pay

for the top secret base in Saudi Araabia hours after his briefing, two possibilites arise

- he just got caught breaking the law, since he was sworn in and that was a top secret fact that MATTERS, since we have said we do not HAVE any bases in Saudi Arabia, and that will light a FIRE in the Mideast that we have LIED, the Saudi GOvernment has LIED to their own people and the Saudi government could FALL because of the HUGE import of this.


He simply misspoke and didn't mean Saudi Arabia, maybe he meant Libya or Bangkok or whatever, and he's so fucking stupid he doesn't realize what the statement MEANS

Either way, since he was just BRIEFED, everyone will believe that we have a base there, WHETHER WE HAVE ONE THERE OR NOT

And if we DON'T have a base in SA, he didn't break any LAWS, he just torpedoed the USA in the region.

And knowing the stupidity of the Trump backers, if not ALL the loyal GOP robots, this won't seem all that important.

So the work of Paul Manafort appears? Is this the sort of "news" that Is the way the USA falls to Russia, from the inside? By being stupid and weak because we are more worried about a woman being the president than a demigod oligarch supported by the Kremlin?

The rationale of "facts don't matter" have just caught up with us in a VERY big way. The ignorance in the USA as to what that statement means will play itself out.
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