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I don't know about "death threats"? And yes, Boxer was booed, because she tried to explain to the crowd that they had no standing.

Did they act poorly?Probably. Were they justified? No, probably not. Is this a problem for Bernie to fix? NO.

THe facts speak for themselves

Bernies supporters outnumbered Hillary's until 64 of them were deemed not valid, and they were not given a chance to challenge the ruling

The floor set the rule that the rules would be decided by a voice vote only, it was OBVIOUS that the vote was NO, but the lady passed it as YES.

THe chair refused to allow anyone to addres the issues from the floor

If yo0u drove all night to get to a meeting where you wanted to say something, and the people running the show ignored you, you wouldn't mind, I know, but some people would get PISSED

death threats?

When I tried to find out what that was about, I came up with a lot of internet garbage, and not a single case of what was said. The AP said "and death threats.." but never said any more than that. When I tried to see what the basis was, it was ANONYMOUS internet messages!?! From WHO? Bernie foalks? Hillary folks trying the make Bernie people look bad? RW nutzos just adding to the mayhem? Internet crazies?

The one post I saw that talking about violence said it was a Bernie person punched by a Hillary supporter! And the anger just keeps going.

(In response to this post by Gateway)

Posted: 05/30/2016 at 6:32PM


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