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Your post down below regarding my job is very disturbing because you seem to think everything you type is true.

I have NEVER, ever, ever claimed I work in Salt Lake City. I have posted a hundred times that I work at a diverse, low income school. I have posted a hundred times that the school is across the street from BYU and that almost all of my coworkers are BYU grads. I have posted that I have been an assistant coach in several sports in several states. I have specifically said that I do NOT work or live in SLC. Period. I challenge you to find where I have said differently. All of the above is FACT.

Frankly, I don't care whether you believe me or not. I know the truth and I know all about Brandon Davies. Of course your BYU friends will have a different point of view. That's to be expected. Davies was never in my class (he rarely went to his classes) but I spent a lot of time in the gym with him.

Are there any of my alleged "fibs" you would like to discuss?? I'd be glad to make you look like a fool (again). How about the bank incident. You and the other liberal attack dogs on the OT Board accused me of lying about being at work and going to the bank on Columbus Day. Of course, none of you had the courage to admit you were WRONG when I linked the school calendars for all three school districts (Alpine, Nebo, and Provo City) in Utah County which proved they all held classes on Columbus Day. (BTW why would I post the calendars for the districts in Utah County if I supposedly work in SLC????) None of you had the courage to admit you were wrong when I posted a link that showed which banks in Utah (and across the nation) are open on Columbus Day. I'm sure you still will not admit you're wrong.

I'm going to give you the same advice I gave other liberal attack dogs on the OT Board. Take a break from these boards. The more you post, the more foolish you look. You are too emotionally invested and have lost all sense of decency and reason.

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