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The TSA and Homeland were

along with the consolidation of the intelligence services the recommendations of theselect committee on terrorism after 9/11. The ideas were sound, the implementation, as it is so often, lacked a lot of sense

After 9/11, the possibility of anybody taaking over an airliner, even with a gun, was remote to impossible. People would rather die trying than let them near the cockpit, and now the cockpit EVEN HAS LOCKS!!

But the idiotic rules that say anything like a nail clipper isn't allowed. Stupid

taking your shoes off. STUPID!! Just look for fuses hanging off them....

The bombs aren't stupid, though.

Laptops should be very carefully covered, any such elecrtonic item of that size is a potential bomb

There should be SOME way to pre-apprrove SOME of the pasengers without the airlines turning into some sort of expensive privilege. After all, I'm over 70, had background check up the gazoo, and I think people like myself and you are "safe bets" Just common sense.

I personally think they should reduce the carry on to just about zero,and make the luggage free again. That would speed up[ the lines, and iot would make departure/arrival a LOT more comfortable for everyone. Check your bags, and improve the baggage delivery to the pick up area. After all, people are flying by the millions, and it won't hurt to modernize that part of the "experience"

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Posted: 05/24/2016 at 11:34PM


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