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Letting 9-11 Victims sue Saudi Arabia

So the Senate today passed a bill granting the right to 9-11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.

I am going to be way politically incorrect. Certainly - it is politically popular to sue Saudi Arabia - try to hold them accountable. But it is the wrong idea.

Who is going to exercise jurisdiction over this nation? If the suit is brought in the United States, then what will make them even show up? And if its brought somewhere else - what court is going to tell them to turn over records and answer questions?

So - then some court will decide that to get somewhere it must freeze Saudi assets in the United States. When that happens - well either it won't happen because Saudi will move its fungible assets to someplace like China - destabilizing international markets, and weakening the dollars strength or it will happen - again destabilizing international markets, and weakening the dollars strength.

And if the assets are frozen - Saudi's own financial situation is destabilized - and what do we gain from that - more poverty, more anti-Americanism, more hatred and more terrorists.

You might remember that after 9-11 very large sums of money were paid by the United States Government to get the promise of 9-11 Families to not sue. A part of the purpose of this arrangement was to eliminate the problems associated with massive tort litigation arising from the death and destruction. To permit this litigation against the Saudi's will give rise to the very dislocation we sought to avoid when we as a nation paid these sums to the families. I find it distasteful that these families, or their lawyers, want another bite at the apple, 15 years later.

I know my position is very unpopular. The 9/11 families are virtually sacrosanct, and it seems impossible to do too much for them. The pressures on Congress to give them this right are impossible to counter. But Congress should have said no - and Obama should veto this bill.

Of course, then Hillary will be forced to say she would sign such a bill, because Trump will say he will, and saying no could cost New York. The politics of saying no are horrible. The consequences of saying yes are worse.

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