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Homeless people and their pets

Recently, we went to a bluegrass folk music show at a folk music club in Berkeley. ( yes, we are old flower children, LOL). We were walking down Telegraph Ave., getting ready to turn onto a side street where the folk music club was located. Telegraph has trees planted on the sidewalks, with benches next to the trees. Every bench was occupied by a homeless person, and most every person had a dog, whose leash was tied to the homeless person's shopping cart. We probably walked past 25 homeless people. ( I am assuming that they were homeless, because they each had a shopping cart full of bags of belongings, and almost every person was asking for money).

I got to worrying about the dogs, because I didn't see that anyone had a water bowl for his dog. How do the dogs get water? Do they have to just drink water from the gutter? That seems very unhealthy, considering that there are waste products sometimes deposited into the gutter.Do they walk the dog to the gas station and have the dog drink water from the radiator spigot? Do the homeless men take the dog into the restroom and have the dog drink fresh water from the toilets? ( We had both a dog and a cat that used to do that, even though we had plentiful fresh water for them and tried to train them NOT to slurp water out of the toilet. Really embarrassing when guests come over, happen to leave the toilet lid up, then you hear all this slurping from the dog -- or the cat who used to jump up on the toilet seat then lean as far into the toilet as possible)

At any rate- I think the concept of "service animals" has become so popular that homeless people may believe that their dogs are "service animals" and can go anywhere. But I was worried, because none of the homeless dogs I saw wore a service animal vest, and I started worry that the dogs wouldn't be allowed into a store in order to get water from the restroom. It was a sad situation. -- B4E
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