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"Illegals" is the N word

Got into it with a friend over politics yesterday. Out of the blue he sends me a link to a story from 30 years ago about how HRC made money by someone cheating on a commodities account. I responded that I wasn't about to let claims of 30 year old failings make my decision - I was concerned with issues like the minimum wage.

He responds - we can't change the minimum wage until we deal with the "illegals."

I went off on him, said I was tired of this hate. He tells me this isn't about racism - he gives money to help the poor - as long as they are Americans.

I tell him - "If you don't hate them - don't call them illegals. For me - it is the equivalent of nigger."

I'm going to stay with this, Every time I hear these foreign workers referred to as "Illegals" I will tell the speaker that he needs to think of these people as human beleings - trying to feed their families, that I feel calling someone am "illegal" is the same as calling someone nigger - it is hate speech.

Posted: 04/15/2016 at 08:32AM


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