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It is 6 am pacific

at 5 am pacific, I woke up and discovered that she had removed her depends during the enight, and our bed is soaked.

Got her up, removed her clothes ((with some effort) and put her on the toilet, got a new depends on her, and dressed in dry clothes. She wears clothes that are soft and no belts, pockets, etc, day and night, work for pjs and house dress.

Made the bed with fresh stuff, complicated by her trying to help: when I put a sheet on, she will put two cases for kindles on the bed, I take those off, and when I get the next sheet, she puts her wet pants on the bed, that she got out of the hamper and so on and so on I have the bed made, and I have her back in bed, and I am in the basement running a load of wet sheets, blankets, clothes etc (actually three loads)

She is asleep, I hope

Oh, and when I was bringing the sheets and blankets down from upstairs, I tripped and fell down the last four or five stairs. I hurt my toes right foot, and my right shoulder, but nothing broken, I'm already better, but a lot more cautious,

This is the ALzhiemer's no one can tell you about until you iive it . It's OK, one of the most important aspects of being the caregiver is to NEVER get angry. It makes things worse, and she doesn't mean it at all. If I treat her like she is just wonderful, and thank her for her help, then she feels loved, and things work out.

I hope that no one inyour family ever has to deal with this. I hope someday they will find out how to cure it. I hope that the government and or the insurance companies can find a way to make it easier for those that have the disease, instead of NOTHING but office visits for pills
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