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Really, Bob?

Here is a list of the institutions that they support, They have billions, close to a hundred billion, and they have been giving money to there institutions for decades, most of them. And it's for a reason, Bob. Really.

Charles does not support anything that does not go back to what he wants.

and this is a list of the institutions they have created, or that they support.

BTW, they don't believe in regulation or climate change or taxing the wealthy or anybody but themselves

American Future Fund
Americans for Prosperity
60 plus association
Americans for responsible Leadership
generation Opportunity
Concerned women for america
concerned veterans for america
Americans for Tax reform
americans for limited government
national rifle association
national association of manufacturers
americans for job security
US chamber of Commerce
institute for Liberty
prosper, inc
club for growth
veterans for a strong america
republican jewish coalition
americans for Jerusalem
partnership for ohio's future
benjamin rush league
all votes matter
center for shared services
coalition for patients rights
american energy alliance
heritage action for america
citizens awareness project
morning in america
freedom vote
Wisconsin club for growth
citizens against government waste
public engagement group trust
revere america
susan b Anthony list
west Michigan policy forum
national right to work committee
national taxpayers union
hispanic leadership fund
americans united for life action
state tea party express
american Catholics for religious freedom
independent womens voices
american values action
tea party patriots
Ohio liberty council
fair Arizona independent redistrict
emergency committee for israel
common sense issues inc
gopac education fund
coalition to reduce spending
protect your vote inc

and other institutions, such as...

George Mason University (completely run by Koch)

institute for humane studies
donors trust (the big one)

Heritage foundation
charles koch institute
American Enterprise Institute liberty source
florida state university
Manhattan institute
university of Arizona
West Virginia University
Clemson University
Troy University
Utah State University
Americans for prosperity Foundation
Frazier Institute
Young Entrepreneurs of Kansas
Suffolk University
Reason FoundaTION
market based management institute
Texas A7M
Action Institute
Catholic University
College of Charleston University
Baylor University
Center for independent thought
Brooklyn law school
council for national policy
fund for american studies
Washington legal foundation
Jack Miller Center
Independent womens forum
Florida Southern college
Southern Methodist University
University of North Carolina Chapel HIll
CATO institute
George Washington University
Northwestern University School of Law
Ohio State University
Indiana University
Loyola Universiity
Ayn Rand Institute
National center for policy analysis
Oklahoma state university
Texas Tech University
Tax Foundation
Philanthropy roundtable
bill of rights institute

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Posted: 03/28/2016 at 1:56PM


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