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A couple things

First this argument is based on the premis that conferences are football and football only. The P5 is football centric certainly, but the PAC12 is the Conference of Champions. NCAA titles in basketball, baseball (I'm guessing), cross country ...you get my point. Football pays for it all, so I understand where the POV comes from, but being in the PAC12 is more than football, IMO. I think the argument of dropping the poorest performing football teams is an absurd notion.

G5 schools get in. Expansion is one way, though clearly those spots are VERY limited. During the BCS, spots were made available for G5 schools if eligible, in game if not conference. OU v BSU comes to mind, great game. Still the big money is in Tv deals and G5 just doesn't have the clout to get it. I get that G5 thinks it unfair, because they have teams that compete, "more with less", but generally, it's the teams in the P5 that built college football, positioned themselves wisely in the early years. WSU in Pullman for instance, why them? Great school? Meh. Great college town? I haven't been, not planning to, I have Boulder 12 miles down the road ...WSU built the PAC, 100 year members, good investment. Very different than the history CSU has with conference alignment, including a stab at being indy. No early investment. They are G5 for a reason, as I suspect most G5 schools are.

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