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That article is a boat load of crap and hurt my eyes

It reminded me of a joke. While driving to a favorite fishing spot with some buddies we passed a sewage treatment pond and I said we should fish there because I've heard it has a lot of big browns and crappies.

Other Than Money and College Football and the idea that conference expansion is probable in certain areas, this article is mostly a boat load of crap. There are many scenarios that shoot holes in his off the wall theories.

1. Iowa and Iowa State are both state colleges regulated by the Iowa state legislature. Just like in Texas they can say both stay or both go.

2. Conferences have the final say and and stability is important to them, so you won't ever see teams flipping in and out between divisions.

3. TV markets are fluid as people move around, the west is growing, the mid-west is shrinking, etc. But fan bases aren't as fluid. BYU probably has a 3+ million fan base spread all over the U.S. alone and they are fans no matter where they live. The same is true for every major football program.

4. Academics is important to the people who run the universities and have the conference votes. The PAC is a prime example and why UNLV isn't a member although they are in a large and growing market.

5. Region (size) really does matter. The B12 has WV stuck a 1000 miles from the nearest team member and when WV's oh so terrible TV rights contract is about to expire you will see them leave unless the B12 acts beforehand. WV is a very homogeneous state (most people are natives) and I would hazard that 9 in 10 people could not care less about Texas schools.

6. Pairing up the SEC with the CUSA? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! My stomach is hurting from all the laughter.

7. Lastly, big TV needs college football JUST as badly (appropriate word) as colleges need TV money. TV is not the all powerful juggernaut he thinks. and are very willing to flood their bandwidth with the worst possible programming. Every year millions of people are leaving Comcast, Dishnet, DirecTV, et al, and their $160/mo bills behind for streaming alternatives. I will be one soon when my, just like WV bad, TV contract has expired. Plus the FCC mandates that the major networks send HD bandwidth over the air which can be captured with a $50 antenna in every major market.
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