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The whole thing is ridiculous, and it is triggering some very

sad memories of school days punishments, as explained by csw above. It puts regular posters who have something to say at the mercy of lurkers, who can give down votes just to get everyone riled up. When the lurkers have given so many down votes that their own account gets shut down, they just create a new e-mail account, sign up again, and keep giving down votes. .

The admin here says that down votes are to be used only when someone is violating the T.O.S. and is behaving like a troll. But you know, that is not going to happen. People who are enthusiastic about giving down votes, are going to do that to anyone with whom they disagree politically. People on the left and on the right are going to down vote each other, because they disagree about politics.

I know that I have gone on ( and on) about the problems with that voting system for days now, but I just think that it takes the fun away from socializing with people, because people now are fearful of earning disapproval. JMO -- B4E

We existed for years here, over a decade, without the up vote/down vote system and without having to always remember to look at it, which I can never remember to do, as I scroll through messages really quickly.
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