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2016 and Buffemup

have it spot on. Long before Mac I, Buff fans hated the corn. The old Big 8 pecking order was typically OU, then NU, then CU and/or MU. In CU's good years, they could play OU close, sometimes win, but rarely played NU well and hardly ever won. Through those years, and to this day, the ragged hordes from Nebraska kept escaping that hellhole and moving here. And, bringing the only thing they could be proud of from there - cornhusker football - and clinging to it. The big matchup each year was OU/NU, and 90% of CU fans were for OU. Mac I didn't proclaim the rival, he asked CU who they hated. The answer was overwhelming - NU - so he started building the Buffs to compete with them, and succeeded.

You're not serious about CSU, right? The CU/Utah rivalry will grow, it takes time and consequential games.

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Posted: 02/27/2016 at 12:03PM


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