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My nearly new, $900 Maytag washing machine stopped working

It had an error code ofF:51.

I googled a Maytag Bravo super 300 code F 51 and I got to many links telling me the problem code was a sensor in the base of the tub
I could not figure out how to get to ANYTHING in the machine other than dragging it out and disassembly from the bottom. And it was totally dead.

I went to youtube, and found several videos on how to take the top panel off (a trick of aputty knife slipped in six inches from either side on the front to depress hidden clips) and a LENGTHY process to get to the tub, a suspension system with a dozen clips, and if I needed to get to the RPS, a special tool to take the tub out, a custom gear puller device.

But I was saved. I got down past the top layers of the internals, past a dozen difficult clips, and between the two nested tubs, there was a t shirt that had gone off the top of the load and caused the problem. I reassembled the machine and it works fine

I ewas really scared. With the wife's alzheimers, a washing machine is a key appliance. With regular issues of incontinence, washing bedclothes almost every other day, and no laundromats anywhere near, and aa appliace repaitr that didn't answer my calls, I was really worried about what I was going to do.

But the computer in the machine said it would not do anything unless I fixed the F:51 problem

Are you getting the picture? I have a 16 year old ford diesel truch that has computer chips that will disable itif they go out. A Mercedes that must have 200 chips in it.

If I didn't have google, I would be completely at the mercy of service calls.

How can the GOP think this is just like 1955, and we just need people to go out and "get a job"?

Who is going to step up?

Can the conservative appreciate this situation of a new economy that requires new thinking?

NO!! Apparently NOT! How do they expect HALF the nation to move forward without assistance? They simply don't see the problem

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