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Another FWIW post

from me

I have decided that there is a distinct possibility that we are at a tipping point as a country, and maybe as a civilization.

The conservatives have dug in, and have resisted change, which is the nature of conservatism

Change, however, is becoming more and more obvious as the elephant in the room. We are at almost a decade of a congress that is so entrnched in itself, and the desire to not do anything that the other side wants, that almost nothing gets done

And those that are doing well in the election cycle are those that promise change, even violent, barely legal change. Trump will run over anything in his way, he says in a plain, very arrogant way, he will "make it happen", just don't get in his way. Cruz will ignore the supreme court if he doesn't like the answers. Bernie will tear down the palaces and castles of the established powers that be, an old time grassroots change bottom to top, and turn the wealth back to the serfs.

Why? Well, I think that, as I have said previously, the advent of the digital computer has modified the way we do most things, and the person has been replaced, or will be replaced, by a smart box.

Think about it. When I went to college, I used a slide rule for the quick tough calculations. My wife was an accountant when books were books. And this is OUR generation, but the generation of today means NO ONE uses anything but a digital tool to do mundane tasks that aren't pick and shovel type of effort. Cars will drive themselves soon. that will put the newest money maker out of business, when Uber uses robotic cars to shuttle people around. Airliners are best whent he computer flies them and lands them and avoids other airliners. Teachers need to inspire, but the knowledge comes from the designed program for the topic. War has become a robotic act, no need to sacrifice people to kill other people.

Does anyone think that the average person hasn't noticed? That those that are looking for a trade or a profession have to wonder what is permanent? Doctors will be computer operators. Surgery is done in the tiny delicate way by systems that are designed to be better than the human hand.

I do think we are near a point when everything we have taken for granted as the way things work must be questioned for common sense. We WILL go forward, there is no going back. But can we adjust?

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