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One at a time

you realize that the shift to single payer is a net SAVINGS for people. I hope you know that. that is the basis of it.

The funding of the college tuition I think has two parts , first college has to be made cheaper, and second, there is a proposed tax on stock trades that will cover the cost of tuition. Billions are traded EVERY DAY

Third, the national debt is one of those topics that people generally simply do not understand. Unlike families and businesses, the government creates money. THe government is the only place where currency is created. as the economy grows, and the currency totals increase to support a new level of wealth in the nation, (as in the GDP growing at a rate) if the national debt is CONTROLLED and does not grow at a rate that cannot bemanaged, the relative ab=mount owed is a lower and lower pergcent of the national wealth. ANd as the national wealth increases, through a strong economy, and higher wages, and MORE TAXES PAID, the national debt is not an issue at all.

That is exactly what happened in the nineties when it looked like Clinton would pay it down, with excesses instead of deficits.

But GREENSPAN argued that not having a deficit is BAD, and there should be a deficit of a controlled level, and a national debt of a significant amount

And so Clinton agree to SERIOUS tax cuts to keep the income from being too large!! Called the "Bush Tax Cuts" as that part of it was added later.

Bernie is likely to create a far healthier economy than we have now. Plain and simple. If I believed ANY of what you said, I would not support him.

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Posted: 02/10/2016 at 7:29PM


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