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Ali Dancing and Showmanship versus NFL players who do it.

I think the big difference is that boxing is a single-man sport. They are in the spotlight the minute they put the gloves on. It's not about the 'team.'

Football couldn't be more different. It is VERY much a team sport. I think a lot of us fans, when we see Cam or Von dancing after they make a play see, "Me, me, me.. Look at me!" .. and we find that embarrassing even when our own guy is doing it. I realize its not all of us, but I know that a fair number of us do.

I can't think of many, if any all-time, long-lasting, great players who were exhibitionists like that. Guys like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Walter Peyton, Emmit Smith, Elway - and the list goes on..

But if Cam loves it he has every right to portray that persona because he is the start of the team. Personally as a Broncos fan, I hope he does very little dancing today. Speaking of guys who liked to make a production of their own plays: I heard a clip of Denver radio guys interviewing Terrel Owens the other day. They asked him for his prediction on the game. He said his prediction was that Cam wins. Didn't say anything about the two teams and rest of the players. It's all about Cam. Not surprising coming from a guy who put a Sharpie in his sock to sign autographs after scoring a touchdown.

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