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Just curious

if you watch the debate, can you accept the opinions that are offered as solutions to the nations issues?

- cut taxes for everybody and we will prosper Cut all the taxes, expand the spending on the military, ignore climate issues, all these are agreed upon

= Trump understands one thing, how to feed ignorant anger. His statements are not the statements of any president ever. Can you imagine trump's cabinet? And that doesn't bother you? Last night he said he would MAKE CHINA obey him. Yeah, after Mexico builds us a fence. Mexico won't let us extradite El Chapo!

- Crus says if President he can ignore the Supreme Court if he disagrees on their findings about the constitution. Sounds a LOT like some 20th century european leaders that had people sticking their arms out in big salutes, you know who I mean

- fear is the key to elections. We should be afraid of everything, and ignore the real issues othat face the country. Fix abortion laws, get into a massive war in the ME, close the borders, if you want to make government little, get rid of medicare and social security. Do you follow those ideas?

If this wasn't so important, I wouldn't care. Do you think this isn't important?

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