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Apparently that is not how British common law and the courts see it...

..it this has some precedents in children of U.S. military families, where one parent is deployed to a base outside of the U.S., marries a person of the country where s/he is deployed, and the child is born in the country.

For example, an American military member is deployed to Germany, marries a German citizen, and their child is born in Germany. That child is considered "natural born", because his/her American citizenship is granted at birth.

It goes back to British common law, where subjects of the British empire, posted around the world, gave birth to children who derived British citizenship from the parent. "Natural born" doesn't mean that one has to be born on American soil, unlike what the op ed in the Post says.

The media is so used to lapping up whatever Trump says, that they have always taken his ramblings at face value. Only exception has been when he said that "thousands and thousands of Muslims" were celebrating in the streets of New Jersey on 9-11, and the fact checking proved him to be wrong. All of this started because Cruz pulled ahead in Iowa. - B4E

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