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Cheer up, it's Christmas!

Greenhouse gas emissions have trended down over the past decade, as advancements in sustainable technologies continues to evolve (which is a result of the demand for sustainable technologies by Americans and innovation derived through the American System of market competition, aka Captalism 😄 ). IF the U.S. demonstrates strong leadership, the world will follow.

Trump will never be president, it is pointless to give the consequences of such an event much thought. I believe this election has the potential to revolutionize our political system, my hope is thru providing two candidates so distasteful to the populous that an avenue is created for a viable independent or third party candidate not beholden to either parties' extremist bases (paging Michael Bloomberg...)

The U.S. is finally energy independent, breaking the stranglehold of OPEC on the world's oil supply.

The Supreme Court voted in support of Gay marriage, ending the last form of legal discrimination.

despite your concerns of global domination, Walmart is losing market share!

Finally, Martin Shkreli was perp-walked by the Feds last week. If that didn't warm your heart, you are beyond help.

I noticed you are getting pelted by down votes. In the spirit of the season, I am giving you an up vote...merry Christmas, my grinch-like friend.

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