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Buffdad - I so admire you.

It is very disturbing to see where we are as a people. When we think of ante-bellum Germany and Hitler, we like to think that it is explicable because people were more simple minded in those days.

But that is not true. And it is quite amazing to watch, as you say, lies and fabrications become the new truth.

We must press on. There is no choice but to let others know, no matter how much we are ridiculed, of the core failings of their political beliefs.

So much of these views come from older men and women who have seen their dreams and hopes perish as good jobs have disappeared. They are filled with fear and anger, and are drawn to anger in a leader. We are fighting that now.

I hope you will not grow weary of your protests and posting. The other side has been waging this war since the mid 60s. Fighting back will require equal steadfastness and patience. Otherwise, the very few and powerful will prevail, to the detriment of billions.

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