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Where is the reality?

Having posted my gripes here for a couple decades now, I have to wonder about progression in this "new" USA that we live in.

Can anyone say they have seen weather like this before? If so, they are lying, since weather hasn't been like this before. More extreme year by year, yet the USA is controlled by a GOP congress that is on record saying there isn't any reality in climate change.

Can anybody remember a presidential race like this before? I have to wonder what otherwise reasonable people think when we have a GOP race dominated by such clearly unqualified candidates.

Can anybody remember when if a statement is stated as fact, proven to be false, is ridiculous to begin with, is simply accepted as a statement that becomes a "new truth"? And then the answer is, "Your guys lie too".

THe new reality. I wonder what it was like in pre-WW II in Germany. You know, the book burning parties, the "identification" efforts to make sure the Jews were seen as the enemy of the "people". And all the while the economy there (and here) hinges largely on the Military Industrial "complex". Profit before sanity, security before freedom. fear of the future, the need to be "led" by somebody who simply doesn't give a shit about rights and christian values. The "TOUGH GUY"

Mussolini was a Trump. Carbon copy

this is crazy

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