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Nothing against DC, but it's reminiscent of Erik Kiesau taking over as OC at the end of the Hawkins reign, without Helfrich abandoning ship. Maybe that's the spring surprise still to come. This seems like a good hire for a receivers or ST coach, but I don't see it adding much experience to the OC position. Hopefully he's a prodigy. The reviews of his time at TT are definitely good.

It will be interesting to see what salary he gets, and if BL's salary changes. Are we doing what we usually do, and trying to save money on coaches? Hire a co-OC for the price of a receivers coach? RG gets credit for the Leavitt hire. I'm sure this one is on MM for not being able to bring in a top tier OC for mid-level Pac-12 pay and an at-will contract, right?

Here's an interesting piece of info from a recent DC article about the Volleyball HC position:

"CU is allowed to use just six multi-year contracts, and Kritza did not have one of those. The school does, however, have one available and George said "it's a possibility" the volleyball coach will get a multi-year deal."

WTF does that mean? We have 6 contracts to use, and we've been sitting on one of them? I trust RG, so this smells like CU admin. Are we saving one for the Stadium Recycling Coordinator position? Or maybe RG's waiting to see if Dr. Phil and his Title 9 lawyers are paying attention. MM, JL, TB, LL, and RG. Hmm, 4 dudes, 1 lady.

I was hoping we could go after somebody like Pep Hamilton who needed an OC job for a few years until he landed an HC job. Leavitt on the offensive side. "Pep, would you mind showing up in drag when we introduce you to the Chancellor?"

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