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So what Plati did was to call up establishments who were in the business of

providing sex workers, in exchange for money. They are in the business of providing sex-related services. . He knew that for money, he would be provided some kind of encounter. Yes, Plati was appropriately disciplined by the university, and that was the end of it.

But Plati's case is different from Mel's case. Mel called up someone who was not a sex worker. In fact, she was the opposite - she gave lectures and seminars on how to avoid entanglements and harassment. There was no guarantee that calling her up would result in sexual services, because she is not in that business -- it is quite the opposite.

You have probably never had an opposite sex person call you up and make obscene remarks to you. But that HAS happened to me -- and it is horrifying. Many times, the person who answers the phone - it's usually a woman hearing obscene remarks from a man -- is frozen in shock, because she didn't expect it. So she is thinking what to say to him. The answer is -- of course, hang up. But it takes some time to come out of the shock of what is happening. It is horrifying and disgusting when it happens.

In my day, women knew that there was no one to whom they could report an incident like this. No one cared- it was just men doing what men do. There was no one to turn to.

It is different these days. She had someone to report it to. Now.she may have over-reacted, or the university may have over-reacted by firing him. Maybe the university could have suspended him for a time and sent him to counseling. But, it's not like Plati, who called up business that offered sexual services for money. Mel's friend was in a different line of work. -- B4E
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