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I'm not going to crown someone a great coach before they prove it. Not lazy

What those other guys failed to do has nothing to do with what Lanning will do at Oregon.
He is playing with 85% of the previous regimes players at a school that attracts great talent regardless of who is coaching them.

This doesn't make him a bad coach. He just hasn't proven himself yet other than he recruited well his year for a team that already attracts top 10 talent and was able to get them off to a fast start. We will know more about Lanning in year 3 or 4 when he has all his own players. Neuheisal was 37 years old when he took over the keys to a Top-5 program. He started out with a bang too; recruiting lights-out and a top-10 finish in '95. The quality and toughness of the program gradually went downhill. He was lured away by UW and then UCLA where he failed both times.

(In response to this post by Visionary Buff)

Posted: 09/27/2023 at 08:03AM


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