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Well. Let's get some context here. First of all, Carville is

an elderly, blue-dog Democrat from the deep South. These days, he leans right. He hasn't been relevant since he ran Bill Clinton's campaign 30 years ago. Back in those days, Carville himself was considered "woke" and "radical." But, like many people who change as they grow older, Carville has moved to the right.

So of course, he is going to agree w/ Bill Maher, who has moved to the right as he has aged.
It's important to ask Carville, "What part of the Biden administration do you disagree with? Which policies are too "woke" for you? What does that mean?
Carville will probably tell you that he doesn't agree with the "defund the police" slogan. But the Biden administration never supported "defund the police."
What else? Is it socialism? Medicare for all? 40 trillion for green new deal? As Biden says, I'm not the socialist. I defeated the socialist. (Bernie Sanders)
The green new deal was not a resolution, nor a bill introduced to become law. It was a philosophy or a policy statement about climate change. That came from the progressives. But the progressives have largely been neutralized in this administration - from Pelosi and other powerful Dems.

Carville is beholden to the oil and gas lobby in Lousiana. Is that his issue? It could be. Is it about abortion rights? Carville was never opposed to abortion rights.
The Dems are the people who are serious about governing and preserving the Republic.
The nominee for the Republicans has called for the U.S. Constitution to be terminated. Last night, he suggested that execution was appropriate for the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In most states of the deep South now, there are no abortion rights whatsoever. Mike Pence, a devout Christian, who suggests 15 weeks maximum women seeking abortions, is derided as a leftist liberal. So, who is Carville talking about?
He does go on and on about "wokeness", but the Biden administration does not side with, nor do they vote with, the squad. But Carville implies that the Biden admin. is far left and in cahoots with the sqaud. He makes no sense. -- B4E

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