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Far Left Democrats: Not evil, just goofy. Silly. Annoying. (Self sabotage)

"The western far left is habitually the most stupid, naive people you can imagine," says James Carville. "They come up with these really goofy constructs and it's all about feeling good about yourself."

The Democratic strategist argued that White leftists had hijacked the term "woke" and driven voters away from the party.

"What happened is, overeducated, coastal White people, got ahold of the word and [like] they do with everything else, they completely f—ked it up and pissed everybody in the country off," he said bluntly. "If we could just get the humanities faculty at Amherst [College] to shut the f--k up, we'd be a lot better off."

While only 10 percent of the party actually identified as progressive, he argued, they dragged the entire party down.

"The number of MAGA people is 65 percent. We pay a greater price for 10 percent of our party, than they pay for 65 percent of their party," Carville complained.

After Maher suggested that true overt racists were hard to find in today's society, Carville disagreed. "They're everywhere," he said, arguing he often he sees Confederate flags on the back of pickup trucks.

"Not all Trump people are racists, but all racists are Trump people," Carville declared.

Maher and Carville both agreed that a younger Democrat had a much better chance in a matchup against Trump.

Any Democrat their 50s that wasn't "stupid" or "woke" could win over Biden, Maher said. "Easily," Carville agreed.

A recent poll from CNN found two-thirds of Democratic voters wanted an alternative to be the party's primary candidate.

"That's a big f–king number," Carville stated.

Posted: 09/26/2023 at 4:39PM


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