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I honestly can't believe the overreaction to yesterday by Buff fans. I mean

the longtime fans not the newbies, it is like some forgot how bad it has been. Didn't most of us agree the goal was 6 wins and a bowl? not to go undefeated? He is coach Prime but holy shit no one could do that with how bad this program has been.

In less than one year he has brought in more 4- and 5-star players than the previous 10 years combined, EVERYONE would have been extremely happy at the beginning of the season if we said we start 3-1. NEWS FLASH we will be 3-2 next week(and that is OK) so do not freak out and think the world is ending. This was a 1-11 team last year and have pretty much been the bad news bears for a decade, if he gets to 6 wins give him coach of the year.

Do people realize how AMAZING it is to be 3-1 next week 3-2 with losses to Oregon and USC when we were the laughingstock of football for 20 years and oh yeah, we literally have a whole new staff and team, ENTIRE program is brand new, like an expansion team and we are 3-1. There are absolutely some issues with everything but again everything is brand new, let's relax a little.

If he is here in 3 years we will be a national POWER with the recruiting and talent he is about to bring to Boulder, instead of the people that bash, bitch and complain on SM(after 1 loss to Oregon) they should start being a little more positive and supportive because Coach Prime is literally the only hope this program has like it or not. What he has done in less than 1 year is unbelievable IMO, to even have them on the same page, we had coaches here for years and we would constantly have delay of games because we couldn't get a call in. We all knew he could recruit but this man can flat out run a program and hires great assistants IMO. He should already be the AD in waiting if that's what he wants, RG needs to give him the keys to the department. Did you all read the reports of the $$$ he has brought into Boulder in just 3 weeks of football? Do you know how many other programs want to do what we did?? Guess what there is not another Prime out there to do what he is doing but him, so we need to keep his ass right here and Happy!!

6 Wins and a Bowl is the Goal in year one folks. Not a damn title.

Posted: 09/24/2023 at 6:38PM


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