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Why I'm very disappointed with yesterdays game

I picked the Buffs to win. That was 50% tongue-in-cheek, 40% loyalty to the program, and 10% really thinking they had a chance. I did believe they had a small chance of winning but I would never have put money on CU to win straight up.

That said, I'm not disappointed they lost. Oregon is a very good team and they played one hell of a game. More power to them. I'm very, very disappointed by the fact that the players and coaches looked downright intimidated for most of the game. Scared might even be a better word. I saw no enthusiasm or fire. They looked as flat as last years team. I didn't expect this from a team coached by Deion Sanders. I thought maybe the Buffs were looking past CSU and we would see their best effort yesterday. Not so. Speaking of Deion, he and his staff got taken to school yesterday. Not a big surprise considering his lack of experience at the FBS level and the difference in talent between Oregon and CU. However, he looked befuddled and lost on the sideline. Shedeur wears that "L" on his jersey but I saw no fire from him. He looked confused and lost, as well. Could be that, as I have pointed out here many times, he has never played at the highest level of competition in HS or at Jackson St. Now he's playing against the big dogs. Nix greatly overshadowed him because Nix is a very good QB and he had a lot more help. Still, I expected Shedeur to take the lead and show signs of life. Didn't happen.

This team will make a bowl game but they have a longer way to go to compete with the heavyweights than many people thought. It's going to be even longer if they don't play with some fire in their bellies.

Posted: 09/24/2023 at 1:23PM


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