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Good points

And quick disclaimer: I don't consider myself an expert, just a guy trying to follow Jesus as best I can. Before he made the scene, people had the law and whatever God passed down through the prophets, right? Elijah, David and Abraham are told to have been in the presence of God upon their passing. So, I take that to mean that if you were following the word/law of God, you'd be with him. Once Jesus was born, it was about a relationship - not the law. Jesus fulfilled the law. (Obviously a LOT goes into the above statements, but you know what I'm saying.) As for the those who don't know Jesus - or who have never heard of him - whether in the US or other countries? Yeah, that's a tough one. I believe that we're going to spend eternity somewhere, and those who "believe and receive" (pardon the brevity), will be with him in heaven. Those who choose not to, will not. I believe there's the timeless truth of Jesus that (a large swath of) humanity will seemingly do their best to ignore, build to suit or dismiss altogether. As a Christian, I see it as my responsibility to at least share what I believe and let God and the individual work it out. :) Just my thoughts on it. Appreciate the conversation and Go Buffs!

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