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Please list what Al got right. This summer proves the linear

correlation between C02 and warming is not as direct as some scientists say.

We're being told its a direct correlation, more C02 from humans, more warmth on the planet.

This summer has been cooler for most of North America than historical averages.

Denver has had a cooler summer than usual.

But none of these temperatures match the heat of the 1930's, which was much hotter across the board than today.

If what has been sold - the direct correlation between C02 and temperature was accurate, this summer would have been warmer than the 1930's because of all the human produced C02 in the past 90 years.

Many of the comparisons put out by special interest groups fail to include the 1930's heat wave because it blows up the narrative.

The other fatal flaw in all IPCC financed research is that it prohibits analysis of the Sun, the #1 contributor of temperature on planet earth.

Global warming is BS.

Humans can't predict weather 10 days out, but we can somehow understand global temperatures with complete accuracy and understanding.

Human hubris at it's best.

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Posted: 08/29/2023 at 12:15PM


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