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You said it was PROVEN false

and that is categorically false. You don't have to believe her but you can't say Trump was proven innocent either

Your strawman is disengenuous at best because its not apples to oranges in anyway. If you ONLY include the one sentence you provided (i.e no context whatsoever), then the answer is no. If you add context like in death threats, a past that includes other allegations of rape, a missing child in a similar case related to me, my ties to organzied crime, my close personal realtionship to a known pedophile, and you went on record under oath opening yourself up to perjury, then the answer is far less cut and dried. There is a boat load of other evidence but she chose not to move forward so it will always be open to interpretation.

But let's flip your strawman. From Jr High through College, I knew three girls who were absolutely, unequivically raped, in two cases there were eye witnesses, all of whom I know and trust. The first girl (14 at the time) dropped the charges against two assailants because she was mercilously harrassed by the boy's friends despite it being an open and shut case. Your strawman insinuates she wasn't raped because she didn't go through with the case. It couldn't be more wrong. In one, the DA wouldn't file because they didn't think they had enough to convict even though she suffered a broken eye socket. Your strawman says she wasn't raped. In the third, the girl was raped by the duct tape rapist in 80s oin Boulder. She decided not to participate in the trial because the DA already had 9 other women who to testify. Your narrow strawman say because she didn't participate, she wasn't raped. Yourn strawman is wrong on all three counts.

Point being...Context Matters

(In response to this post by SamSpade)

Posted: 05/21/2023 at 9:12PM


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