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Most evangelical Christians I know are exactly the opposite.

They can't and don't differentiate between their hate of the sin and their hate of the sinner. Its one and the same. People like this deserve to be called 'haters' because that is exactly what they are. Religious bigotry is still bigotry. I've never seen an ounce of love for the homosexual 'sinner' among this group of people whasoever. Episcoplians on the other hand are some of the most inclusive and loving people I've ever met. Hate doesn't enter the equation at any point. Unfortunately, in my experience, regardless of the religion, be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or Buddism, the more conservative the sect, the less love that exists. Atheists too.

Its wonderful that you love your son for despite being opposed to homosexuality. Unfortunately, thousands of gay children are disowned by their conservative parents just for being born gay. Sadly, if they understood the few statements in the Bible on homosexuality they would learn the conservative interpretation is based on a widely known and widely documented mistake in translation from ancient Greek to Latin. As such, these parents have been tricked into violating the more important and vital teachings of the Bible, specifically those taught by Jesus, which are to love, respect, and be tolerant of all.

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Posted: 04/08/2023 at 02:34AM


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