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Agree with both of you...

CU's key to winning games is running and the Oline. Run the QB is correct. Run all the backs. Hopefully, Hankerson and Venn will get healthy and we can see what they can do too. They need to control TOP and keep the defense off the field.

Love to throw to the TE's but they have trouble getting open. BR is easily blanketed by any ILB, OLB. The running game overall is so weak (so many negative plays), teams do not have to commit a safety to stack and cover the TE, so no mismatch there. IMO, keep playing Fauria and that younger TE to see what they can give us. IMO, Arias is the only play-maker getting open a reasonable amount of time. The playmakers are not blowing guys off the line or getting 1-2 steps, even in one-on-one. So many of the pass plays are contested.

I'm not sure about running more RPO stuff, as our passing is so anemic the defense can key on it. If it is a main part of the offense, they should run it some and hopefully get better at it. I sort of like the FB. Maybe throw to some of the RB's?

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Posted: 09/23/2022 at 10:08AM


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