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If I'm KD and MS, I tell the OL, we have to run to win and this is our GP

(game plan)

Run Deion Smith 20-25 times a game. The man is averaging 5.7 yards per carry. He's about the only thing the offense has going for it.

Tell the QBs that if you can make a play with your legs in the passing game, aggressively do it. Just protect the ball and get down before you get football murdered.

Incorporate the TEs into the passing game. Don't try. Do.

Like get the TEs five catches-plus in the game and much more if you can. Zero explanations as to why it won't work. Not accepted. You have to make the defense play honest.

Run some WR slants and crosses and get Arias, MLC the ball. They can make things happen. Or throw someone else on the field who will be a playmaker.

On defense, the Buffs are not stopping the run. You have to least make it a little difficult for the opposing offense without sacrificing pass defense. If you don't have the players, at least try something different with the scheme.

Posted: 09/23/2022 at 08:29AM


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