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Judge Dearing is having none of Trump’s BS - and it’s very unusual

Dearing is watching the news. He’s watching Trump say on TV he declassified Documents, So he responds in court by order Trumps lawyers to tell him which documents were declassified.

He watches Trump telling the world the FBI planted evidence during the search, Ahe so today he issues an order requiring the Trump lawyers to list the items that were planted.

Remember when Guiliani would - outside of court - almost in the courthouse steps - insist that election fraud was going on - but he said he was nit wkkagung fraud when asked by the judge?

My guess is Dearing watched that crap - and watched Trump pulling the same act - and decided he wasn’t going to let Trump make manipulative false assertions away from the courtroom.by calling him into,task in the courtroom.

One might ask - is Dearing being fair and impartial when he acts on the basis of what Trump,says outside of the courtroom ? I would think so. Dearing is making factual determinations about the status of the documents, And if the plaintiff in this case (Trump) makes extra-judicial statements directly relating to the status of the documents (I declassified them or the Feds planted some of them) he will want them resolved.

Trump and others like him (think Alex Jones, Rudy Guiliani, Fox News (in the Dominion Voting machine libel suit)) have this view they are perfectly free to lie or make up facts publicly without ever being held accountable by the courts,

Well Trump - you’ve put yourself in a bad position. Your busing telling the whole world evidence was planted. Now your lawyers are going to have to tell the judge -that was a false statement.

Trump does live in a fake news world. But he has been the one creating it for years,

Posted: 09/23/2022 at 06:07AM


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